Milling Cutter

  • Face Mill Cutter
  • Side & Slot Mill Cutter
  • Endmill Cutter
Face Mill Cutter omegatoolings
milling omegatoolings
Shoulder Mill Cutter
Side & Face Mill Cutter omegatoolings

Indexable U Drill

  • Large Diameter Holes
  • Step & Chamfer Drill
  • Drill With Counter
  • Combination Drill
  • Spot Face Tool
INDEXABLE U DRILL omegatoolings 2

Rough Boring Bar

  • Boring Bars With Aluminum Head (for weight reduction)
  • Combination & Step Boring Bars
  • Boring Bars For Rough Machining
  • Boring Bars for the Finish along with the Fine or Micro Boring Unit.
Rough boring tools omegatoolings

Micro Boring bar

  • Least count +/- 0.001 mm radially.
  • Repeatability +/- 0.002 mm.
  • Zero Backlash Assembly
  • It gives maximum rigidity to the cutting edge of the tool that is necessary to obtain high accuracy, high stock removal and longer tool life. This is a used for component machining close tolerance, bearing sizes tolerance. Precision finish boring unit is high accuracy with the least count of 1 micron.
MICRO BORING BAR omegatoolings


  • Cartridges – Standard & Special
  • Side and Face Milling Cartridges
cartridges omegatoolings